PwC predicts three waves of automation by 2030/Robots are coming for financial services jobs first


  1. We can already see banks moving this way, moving online and closing branches.” Automation will also continue to be higher into a second “augmentation” wave later in the decade, until a third “autonomy” wave into the mid 2030s when more complicated technology, such as driverless cars and robotics, will have a bigger impact on industries which employ a greater number of people, such as transport, healthcare and teaching.
  2. The first wave of automation arriving in the next two to three years will hit financial and professional services hardest compared to other industries, according to the analysis of more than 200,000 jobs across 26 counties by PwC.
  3. As many as 30 per cent of jobs across the economy could be lost to automation by 2030, and between two and three per cent lost during an initial wave beginning in the early 2020s.

Source: PwC

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