Most business leaders are in the dark about the impact of automation on staff


  1. Amit Bansal, the managing director for the applied intelligence at Accenture, says the consultancy advises clients to focus on the tasks — not jobs — employees perform that can be automated to map out what skills organisations will and won’t need in the future.
  2. “The best organisations really do utilise external labour market data, as well as taking a hard look at the skills and capabilities that they have internally and then picking out what they’ll need in the future and how that will be impacted by the task automation,” he said.
  3. “While lots of HR functions and CHROs will spin you a merry tale about the depth of their workforce planning — how it’s tightly connected to strategy and with clear line of sight of emerging technology — it’s really not true,” Coleman told Which-50.
  4. For example, Australian technology start-up Faethm has launched a SaaS platform called Tandem which uses expert forecasting and machine learning to predict the impact of emerging technologies on skills and roles in an organisation, industry or geography.
  5. “If we fail to recognise one opportunity of current skills and capabilities that employees exercise that could be automated, there’s a real risk you’ll fail to capitalise on those opportunities,” Boomer told Which-50.
  6. Faethm Executive Director Greg Miller told Which-50 businesses aren’t necessarily connecting the dots between the rapid development of intelligent technologies and workforce planning.
  7. The Automation Advantage, which was produced by Alphabeta and commissioned by Google, found only nine per cent of Australia’s listed companies are making sustained investments in automation, compared with more than 20 per cent in the United States and nearly 14 per cent in leading automation nations globally.


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