Can the digital revolution transform agriculture?


  1. The digital revolution could also improve the lives of farmers and consumers, especially in reducing wasted time and resources while enhancing productivity.
  2. Digital solutions have huge potential for helping farmers boost productivity and connect to financial tools and markets around the world.
  3. The core innovation for farmers is that services and money can now be exchanged digitally, a revolution that has been spearheaded in Kenya with mobile money platforms like M-PESA.
  4. Digital solutions and big data may enable climate funds to invest in small, remote, and disconnected smallholders applying climate-smart farm and irrigation practices to mitigate and adapt to climate change.
  5. Farmers may be able to quickly get practical answers to questions, for example, about animal diseases, animal health, and vaccination in livestock production, and crop diseases, plant protection, and optimal seeding and harvest times in crop production.
  6. While these innovations only scratch the surface of the coming digital revolution, it’s clear that digital solutions will transform agriculture with great benefits for smallholders.


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