The Future of Employment Regarding the Robotization of Care Work

Summary for

  1. In fact, technological change tends to primarily be a reordering of the labor market, which generates unemployment especially in certain sectors–and therefore in certain regions or workers with certain profiles–but at the same time promotes the creation of new professions or the development of economic sectors that usually cover a demand for previously unfulfilled services.
  2. This demand for care work can be covered through work performed by family members, or other forms of unpaid work such as community work- but the lack of co-responsibility of men and precisely the changes that are occurring in the labor market make it complicated.
  3. However, it should not be forgotten that care work has a human dimension that robots cannot perform–yet–and may be a significant and satisfying niche in the labor market in an increasingly robotic economy.
  4. In an aging society, as is the case in most rich countries, and where it does not appear that the inclusion of women in the labor market will be drastically reversed in the near future, there is a strong unfulfilled demand for care.

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