What Will Finance Look Like In 2025? Eight Predictions For The Digital Age

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/deloitte/2018/12/05/what-will-the-finance-industry-look-like-in-2025-eight-predictions-for-the-digital-age/?linkId=61004950#5a714b9867c5

  • The finance factory: Computers powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain will increasingly work alongside human workers, freeing them to make decisions and be more creative.  
  • Finance’s role: Automated operations will enable finance to “double down” on business insights and service.
  • Finance goes real-time: Periodic reporting will be a thing of the past, allowing the rest of the business on-demand access to reports and forecasts.
  • Self-service: Smart agents, chatbots, and more are here to help finance customers and clients solve problems on their own. This will make finance uneasy.
  • Operating models: New service delivery models will bring a diverse finance workforce. Robots and algorithms will integrate with freelancers, gig workers and crowds. Automation will be weighed against onshore and offshore operations.
  • Core finance platforms: Finance applications and microservices will challenge enterprise resource planning vendors. They will be ready to take on this challenge.
  • Data: Companies will still struggle to clean up data messes, despite the rise of APIs for data standardization.
  • Talent: What will the future of finance roles look like? Data scientists and effective communicators will surge in importance as employees work with digital tools.

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