The Power of Predictions: Fine Art of Creating Viral Predictions


Key Ingredients of a Viral Prediction

As you will note, there are a few common elements that will increase the likelihood of a prediction going viral.

  • Relevant Hot Topic – Jobs, drones, and cryptocurrency are all timely, newsworthy, and meaningful to the masses.
  • Memorable Date – 2030 is far more memorable than 2028.
  • Quantifiable Event – Words like some, more, or decreasing do not have the same affect as “2 billion” or “25%.”
  • Ring of Truth – Yes, the ring of truth is quite different than actual truth, but in our mind it somehow passes unscathed through the various skeptic filters we have in place.
  • The Surprise Factor – It’s always hard to describe things that people will find surprising or unexpected, but it’s a critically important component of a viral prediction.
  • Legitimizing Forces – Some people have their own huge social media followings, but it’s far better to have an unbiased third party media person voice your prediction.

Since most aspects of our lives are filled with some degree of luck, we also shouldn’t underestimate the sheer value of saying the right thing in the right place at the right time.

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