Emerging technologies, human–machine partnership will create new digital marketplaces by 2030: Dell Technologies Report

IFTF predicts that there would be three key shifts that would pave the way towards the friction-free economy by 2030:

  • Shift 1: Autonomous Commerce—Machines as Consumers – Machines will evolve into consumers, using a mix of sensors, software updates, and AI to sense when they, and the people they serve, are functioning sub-optimally. They’ll then find a remedy – autonomously
  • Shift 2: Anticipatory Production—Meeting Demand On The Fly – On-demand manufacturing will become the norm. Innovation will be democratized and barriers to creating and commercializing products will recede. We’ll witness the rise of ‘meta-making’ – people with limited resources manufacturing complex things and marketing them to a global audience.
  • Shift 3: Leapfrog Economies – Unlocking inclusive opportunities – Technical advances will unlock opportunities for inclusive development and lift millions of people out of poverty by enabling all people to document their identity and generate new sources of revenue. Emerging economies will leapfrog others, held back by aging physical infrastructures.

Link: https://www.delltechnologies.com/content/dam/delltechnologies/assets/perspectives/2030/pdf/Future-of-the-Economy-Report-by-IFTF-and-Dell-Technologies.pdf

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