The 15 tech trends that could change everything in the next decade

  1. By 2021, algorithmic and anti-bias data auditors emerge to tackle “pale, male and stale” artificial intelligence
  2. By 2023, psychometric testing of software developers becomes commonplace
  3. By 2021, Amazon buys 5G mobile spectrum for its own use in at least one market
  4. By 2021, a Premier League football club launches a facial recognition ticketing system
  5. Artificial intelligence replaces referees in a major sporting event by 2022
  6. Samsung launches Galaxy Glasses in 2022
  7. Environmental pressure sees virtual reality displace 20% of business travel by 2029
  8. By 2025, one in 50 households in affluent markets owns a domestic robot
  9. Brain–computer interfaces evolve beyond medical applications into commercial offerings by 2027
  10. By 2023, a lack of diversity in data sets pushes a wearable device maker to pay users for their data
  11. In 2020, at least five operators start to offer subscribers an annual smartphone “health check”


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